Marketing Consultant

Every brand has a different marketing niche and it is important to make sure that each client taps into the right market choice for them. As a marketing consultant, I ensure that I understand my client’s exact marketing needs and create a holistic perspective of the client and their brand by using my in-depth knowledge and developing comprehensive strategies. Thereby, I guide them into the right direction by crafting the right strategies, identifying the right marketing platforms and helping them build their brand identity. My experience enables me to provide valuable guidance on market research, audience targeting and campaign optimization helping businesses make informed decisions. I make sure that my client is connected to the right vendor for their requirements and also make sure there is clear communication so that the client and vendor expectations are met.

Growth Manager

As a Growth Manager, I operate at the intersection of marketing and product development with a primary focus on customer and user acquisition, activation, retention, and upselling. My collaborative approach involves working across all departments to provide a comprehensive overview of the brand’s marketing and growth efforts. My dedication to business expansion extends well beyond the realms of marketing. I excel in streamlining processes and implementing scalable solutions that lay the foundation for sustained success. Through the meticulous analysis of data, monitoring of key performance indicators, and agile adjustment of strategies, I am adept at propelling businesses towards long-term growth. I have extensive experience working with various advertising platforms including Google, Bing, Amazon, and Meta advertising, ensuring that my clients receive ROI for their investment in paid advertising campaigns. Leveraging a range of CRM tools, I streamline communication and consolidate marketing and client activities offering efficient storage and analysis of the data collected to enhance overall performance.

Social Media Manager

In my role as a social media manager, my skill set continuously adapts to the evolving trends while maintaining a strategic approach. Over the past five years, I have dedicated significant efforts to crafting engaging content, coordinating effective social media campaigns, and nurturing strong online communities. My methodology is firmly grounded in data-driven insights, enabling me to systematically enhance brand visibility and encourage engagement across a variety of platforms. I focus on strategising innovative content for social media clients. I have pioneered various social media campaigns, managed media monitoring, ran paid ads, and curated and scheduled content to boost brand awareness and target the right audience through competitor analysis and market research using audience feedback and insight to generate market leads.

Content Writer

With an adept talent for storytelling and creative writing, I generate captivating and engaging content that connects with the intended audience. Whether it involves writing blogs, articles, or social media posts, I meticulously ensure that each piece is written within the overarching marketing strategy. Having devoted 15 years to professional content writing, my experience encompasses a wide spectrum of responsibilities. This includes brainstorming innovative ideas, devising content strategies, and crafting conscientiously tailored pieces that align perfectly with a brand’s identity and goals. My work has consistently empowered brands to articulate their unique voices on a global stage, resonating effectively with their target audiences. Throughout my career, I have authored a diverse range of content ranging from informative articles, engaging blogs, persuasive brochures, and carefully curated website materials. I am a published writer and poet. Check out my published work on Behance