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Welcome to Tatva by Vrinda

In Indian philosophy, Tatvas are elements or aspects of reality that constitute human experiences. Similarly in marketing, various Tatvas come together to create a visually appealing cosmos of the brand and form an intrinsic part of any industry. Tatva by Vrinda consists of the work that I have done in various marketing fields and industries in the past years. This includes my work as a Social Media Manager, Brand Consultant, Content Writer, Event Strategist and Communications Manager.

With over five years of professional experience and more than 10 years of personal experience, I have acquired a wealth of skills and insights essential for crafting tailored marketing strategies that will elevate your brand in the digital realm positioning it at the top. These specializations help me drive results, strengthen brand positioning and enhance the overall performance of the business I am working with.

I've compiled a comprehensive portfolio that highlights a wide array of my work, encompassing my accomplishments in social media management, content writing, graphic designing and my blog on book reviews, connecting it with my social media presence on Instagram

  • MA Digital Culture and Society, King's College, London, UK
  • MSc Marketing and Consumer Psychology, University of Sussex, UK
  • BA English (H), Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Marketing Lead, Aedval | London, United Kingdom
    24/10/23 - Present
  • Marketing Executive, Pattni-Dossani Group | Cranfield, United Kingdom
    01/01/23- 26/02/23
  • Social Media Strategist and Content Marketing Executive | Self-Employed | @_vrindamaheshwari
    01/05/21- 30/08/22
  • Account Executive, MEERKATworks | Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    05/06/21- 19/10/21
  • Marketing Trainee, Monkey Minds | Delhi, India
    05/05/20- 05/05/21
  • Marketing Consultant, Tata Communications | London, United Kingdom
    07/10/19- 30/01/20
  • Marketing Management Trainee, Amar Ujala | Noida, India
    15/05/17- 10/05/18
  • Creative Digital Intern, The Indian Express | Noida, India
    01/05/17- 31/05/17
Social Media Marketing       Digital Marketing
Content Marketing               Creative Thinking
Content Strategy                   Creative Writing
Content Creator                     Event Strategist
Interpersonal Relations       Communication Skills
Graphics Creator                    Leadership Skills
  • Consumer Psychology for Digital Marketing | University of Arts, London
    22/02/20 -14/03/20
  • Brand Management (Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour) | Coursera, University of London
  • Introduction to Creative Writing | British Council, New Delhi
    11/03/17 – 06/05/17
  • Volunteer Internship, Amar Ujala Foundation, India
    09/2016- 10/2016
    I volunteered at this charity foundation to help educate the less fortunate. I was fortunate to work with middle-aged women, bringing to their attention the need to practice clean menstrual habits, and with young children to help them understand the need for education.


In the marketing industry, I specialize at various skills that will help your brand to grow and stand out in the digital world.

Desi Girl Space

I love reading and I love writing. Combining my two passions, I have started writing book review blogs


Ishika Saraf
Ishika Saraf The Bakehouse by Ishika | Owner
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Working with Vrinda was an absolute joy as she was able to single-handedly look after our Bakehouse social media, from making reels, to understanding algorithms to experiment with the social media pages, she was great all of it, I could blindly trust her content writing and having her freelance with me for the social media made my job as an entrepreneur that much easier.
Vrinda also worked on getting our twitter Facebook and linked in campaigns going and she came up with the best long term strategies. Vrinda was also very professional with her work and always delivered on time.
Apart from the social media work she played an instrumental role in the making of our website, she was in between the Tech team and me and also handled all the content writing, photo placement and interaction between the teams.
Whatever I say in appreciation of Vrinda’s work would not be able to aptly describe it, before going to her masters course she also ensured a smooth transition and found someone else who I could trust with my social media!
A big thank you to her for her endless dedication and work with The bakehouse and I would work with her again in a blink
Ramsha Kharwa
Ramsha Kharwa Beauflex | Owner
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The best part about working with Vrinda is Vrinda… ♥️
She single-handedly looked after Beauflex’s Social Media as well as the Website!
She was one person in charge of literally everything and managed it so well! From taking pictures to coordinating with people to making sure the content was perfect, she did everything, she for sure is a multitasker ♥️
Her insights and experience makes her the best person to work with ! She would go out of her way to help the brand grow in ways you can’t even imagine and would treat the brand as her own which is one of her best qualities. I would love to work with her again soon. Her content writing , management and website work was amazing. I’m so happy that she was a part of Beauflex because she has helped me grow as an entrepreneur and as well as a person. Before leaving, she made sure everything was completed ! She has given her all for Beauflex and words can’t describe how good she is. She even found a replacement before leaving to ensure that the brand was in good hands. As I said , she gave her all for Beauflex and I can’t thank her enough for her outstanding work.She’s a very dedicated person and I love having her around , I didn't even want her to leave in the first place because she’s more like family now to me.
Tanishq Gupta
Tanishq Gupta Tarotpreneur
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Hi Vrinda, We worked for a brief period of time but the authenticity of your work, extensive consultations and our coordination has been exceptional.
I loved how thorough you have been with the research which ensured me with organic followers, likes and views on my Instagram account.
I started my journey as a tarot reader on Instagram with you in February with limited followers and now I have 1300+ followers who engage with my content regularly.
You made posts and helped me edit the reels which have 1000+ views organically with the help of hashtags you provided.
I am extremely grateful to you for supporting me in this journey of becoming a content creator. You gave it all you had and it shows.
Thank you so much for all your efforts.
Lots of love, Tarotpreneur
Pallavi DagaHouse of Bakers | Owner
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Vrinda Maheshwari has been a big blessing for a novice like me to the world of social media .Not only did she explain everything patiently when I encountered a problem but also helped me become techno savy. She is full of new ideas and enthusiastic about implementing them. She is great at creative writing. Vrinda has very good contacts and uses them effectively. In all there has been a big boost in my social media presence because of Vrinda. Thank you Vrinda for helping me out.
Mansi Rathi
Mansi Rathi Pizza and Pie | Instagram Influencer
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Vrinda has excellent communication skills that are required for smooth and effortless business functioning with brands. She has a sense and understanding of photography and videography, required in digital marketing. She is always eager to learn and understand counter perspectives and take actions accordingly. Vrinda was good at decision making, helps to save time and gets work done efficiently. She has a professional approach from the inception of the project to its end.
Neharika Agarwal Beauty by Niharika | Owner
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Vrinda managed my page well and helped me create reels. She was systematic and organised with posting. She was prompt in answering all my queries and never failed to bring in new ideas.
 Akshay Mohota
Akshay Mohota LivSatvik
Read More
It was a great experience working with Vrinda. We relied on her to come up with content strategy and fun reel ideas, and we were never disappointed. Digital marketing was one less thing we had to think about when we had her on board !!
Richa RughwaniPhotographer | Vittles n Vines
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It was a pleasure working with you Vrinda. You helped me with creating Reels on Instagram and taught me too. It helped me showcase my work to the world. Thanks a lot for all the work .😊

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