The Robber Bride

Not much can be said about the #TheRobberBride without giving the plot away, If there is one. Although, we can say that Zinea is the plot. She is nowhere and she is everywhere. Here we are, reading about the past, present and, in a way, the future about the lives of three friends, Roz, Charis and Tony, all brought together by the antics and devious antics of Zinea. The book takes you into the childhood of the three main characters, their brush with Zinea and how life turned around when suddenly the once-dead Zinea emerges alive from the afterlife and shocks them into submission one more time.

We are immersed in the writing of Margaret Atwood. It is almost like what is happened to the character is happening to us.

At best, it is a book that helps you understand women of the 1980s, the power struggle between men and women and how Zinea lies somewhere in the middle of all of this.

Yet, I can’t call this as one of her finest works. #Surfacing and #TheHandmaidsTale are so much better

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