The Lost Bookshop

Book Review

The Lost Bookshop by Evie Woods is a masterpiece. The story is set in 1920s Dublin and the present time with POV of three characters, Opaline and Henry and Martha.
The lives of the three characters are intertwined in Dublin where each person is going through their own internal battles while learning how to deal with reality.  Opaline is a strong female character in the 1920s, determined to make her life her own while Martha is trying to find her self in chaos. Henry is an amazing fictional character and his obsession with old books and the determination to find a bookshop that seemingly doesn’t exist, pulls the book forward. Steeped in the genre of Magic Realism, Evie Woods has crafted a world that is alluring and filled with secrets and mysteries.

It had been a while since I had picked up a book that I simply could not put down. The characters are all well-written, the story never has a dull moment and the way old books and characters are given a whole new life is magical.

This book is my Roman Empire.

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