Meta Title: Why you need a digital procurement system
Meta Description: Functions of the procurement system that will make your business boom

The process of procurement takes place in a B2B arrangement and often involves the ordering and buying of the services manually. This process will obviously involve a lot of data, purchase requirements, orders, budgets, and whatnot! The possibility of this huge amount of data being misread, missed, or even shared illegally can cause dire issues to the company in a Monterey way and its image as well. Hence, e-Procurement management software will help provide the best possible solution to automate this entire data process to ensure that the overall operational cost of the procurement process is cut down and the company is able to use these funds in a more efficient manner. 

An e-procurement system is a kind of computer program that helps an organization automate the way they purchase materials, maintain inventory of their products and manage their data. It also helps generate orders of purchase, execute the process online, create invoices and even pay bills. One of the most important activities in any organization lies in the procurement department which is why it is necessary to have a set protocol that must be followed efficiently and effectively.

E-procurement helps automate the tasks that are often repeated to help boost efficiency and reduce their manual cost of them. It will thus help stakeholders have real-time insights through the use of AI tools and easy-to-use software. It uses intelligent and smart e-ways to streamline data models to ensure that the day-to-day operations are managed. It completely transforms the experience of a buyer and how they interact with suppliers and other third parties by becoming the middle person and achieving new levels of collaboration. 

There are a lot of functions that are involved in a software procurement program: 

  1.  Order of Purchase (OP)
    The digital software creates an original order of purchase based on the need of the client, input of information and the result expected from it.
  2. Automation Process
    The process is entirely automated to generate the electronic purchase order
  3. Verification of OP
    After this, the purchase order will be verified with the line items which have to be completed by the vendor.
  4. Approval Process
    This order of purchase will then be submitted to the appropriate sender for approval or for rejection.
  5. Generation of Reminders
    The reminders are auto-generated to confirm the purchase orders from the vendors
  6. Online Inventory
    An online inventory is maintained of the goods or services to avoid any confusion or misplacement of items. 
  7. Execution of transactions
    The execution of financial and inventory-related transactions are processed as the materials begin to arrive
  8. Ensurance of Maximum profits
    Finally, the data is gathered and analyzed to ensure maximum profitability  of the business

All of this ensures that your data and procurement is handled with 

  • Improved efficiency
  • Transparent operations
  • Cost-efficient methods
  • Satisfaction of Customers and 
  • Improvement in the supply chain management process


Procol is one of the best procurement software that is currently available in the market. It is cost-efficient, user-friendly, and flexible and it can be deployed in under seven days to ensure that your procurement management is done in an effective way.  Enterprise-grade security companies are beginning to understand the potential that their supply chains and procurement divisions contribute to their profitability.

Hence, choosing Procol Digital e-Software will ensure that you and your company are in good hands ensures risk mitigations, operational efficiency, and good supplier and client relationships.