Blended Cement, a greener alternative to OPC

As each day goes by, the world is trying its best to come to viable solutions which will help save and protect our environment. India has taken a pledge which hopes to commit 0% carbon gas net emission by 2070. It is essential to understand that because of increasing industrial contingencies, acceleration in usage of power consumption, climate change and other factors involved, we are moving towards a world that is economically expensive. 

The Construction Industry 

The construction industry contributes towards global climate pollution due to the emission of carbon dioxide and the major use of natural resources in the process. On our mission to build a better world, we, at Dalmia Cement, are dedicated to help achieve the world’s commitment towards a greener environment by becoming a more sustainable and eco-friendly company that cuts down the carbon footprint. 

The “Ordinary” Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement is the most commonly used cement type in the industry. It goes through a variety of processes that involve the heating of limestone and mixing it with secondary materials to form cement. It is an easily available cement but is not cost-efficient. This cement has been an industry favorite for a while but is detrimental to the environment. Due to its high heat of hydration making, it is unfavorable for mass concreting. It is also not the best choice in extreme weather conditions. OPC cement is used in building infrastructure, roads, dams, bridges, flyovers and other forms of construction.

Greener Substitutes for Cement 

To achieve such heights, we are moving towards greener substitutes in the industry. The PSC (Portland Slag Cement) and PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) are two of the most common blended cement types used nowadays, The PSC variation from the traditional OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) provides a greener and a more economical option by becoming a sustainable and pocket-friendly choice thus helping the local consumer. 

Portland Cement: The Green Cement

Portland Cement is manufactured as a green cement using industrial by-products such as blast furnace sludge and fly-ash. This helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the thermal energy required to produce cement. The main reason for referring to Portland Cement as green cement is the reduction of the Urban Heat Cloud which happens due to the increase in the reflectivity of the cement. 

Why is Portland Cement a better choice? 

PSC is considered a better alternative for a variety of reasons in the construction industry.

  1. This cement has better durability and reduced permeability. These are used in the stabilization of soil in railways and road constructions. 
  2. It also has low hydration heat, minimisation in cracks along with its compatibility with all sorts of mixtures. 
  3. The composition of PSC produces ultimate strength and increase in sulfate resistance. 
  4. This cement is often used as an economic alternative to Portland sulfate-resisting and low-heat cements.  
  5. An interesting thing to note about the global warming potential of PSC is that it is at 60.21 KG CO2 according to findings at EPD data. Because of minimal usage of clinker, the potential of emitting global warming gasses is found to be one of the lowest in the industry. 

Applications of PSC Cement 

PSC can be used in a variety of applications such as flyover, pavements, concrete pile foundations including mass concrete works such as marine construction, dams, concrete pipes blocks and local constructions near coastal regions.

Need Advice? Look no further 

To make sure that your construction goes smoothly and as planned, we have a team of supervisors ready. Our Dalmia Build Advisors will guide you in whichever way possible and help you better understand your structural requirements and help you undertake the best possible construction practices to ensure that you use your cement to its utmost potential. 

We, at Dalmia Cements, think of you and of the environment. It is not just our duty to sell you the best quality cement but also ensure that we are providing you with all the support needed to make sure that your construction speaks for itself. Dalmia Cement is a leading cement manufacturer in India and we offer a variety of cement options for our customers to choose from.